Top 10 Best Famous Growing Food Industries In India in January 2019

Top 10 Best Famous Growing Food Industries In India in January 2019:-

1. Amul

Verghese Kurien is the owner and founder of India’s leading dairy company, Amul in 1948. He made the dairy farming the largest self-sustaining industry of India. This industry provided the employment to the Rural people. Amul generates Rs.28000 crore revenue every year. Currently Amul has 752 employees for marketing and 3.6 million members for milk producing.



2. MTR Foods

Sadanand Maiya is the owner of the MTR Foods. MTR Foods is a Bangalore based food product company. This company manufactures packaged food which includes breakfast mixes, ready to eat melas, masalas, spices and beverages. MTR Foods generates Rs.800 crore revenue every year. Sadanand Maiya is Son of Yajnanarayan Maiya who is the founder of MTR Group.



3. Parle Agro

Parle Agro is an Indian Food and Beverage company which was founded by Chauhan Family in 1984. This company also owns Frooti, Appy, LMN, Hippo and Bailey brands. Parle Agro sells its products around the world. Parle Agro generates Rs.2800 Crores revenue every year.  


4. Hatsun Agro

Hatsun Agro is a Chennai based private sector dairy company of India. R.G. Chandramogan founded the Hatsun Agro in 1986. Arun Ice-creams, Arokya Milk, Hatsun Dairy, Ibaco, Oyalo, Santosa, these are the brands which are under the Hatsun Agro. Hatsun Agro generates Rs.11,871 crore revenue every year with a net income of Rs.282.63 crore.


5. Balaji Wafers

Balaji wafers is a Rajkot based Food Manufacturing company which produce and sells potato chips and other packed snacks in different flavors. This company was started by Bhikubhai, Chandubhai and Kanubhai Virani. Balaji Wafers company produce Rs.2,121.8 crore revenue every year.



6. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is another milk producing company which is owned by the National Dairy Development Board. It manufactures milk, milk products and other edible products. Milk Products like ice-cream, cottage cheese, butter etc. Mother Dairy produces Rs. 7000 Crore revenue every year.



7. Dabur

Dabur produces ayurvedic medicines and naturals products. It is the Largest company in India to do that. Dabur produces over 250 products in the healthcare division for the treatments of different diseases and body conditions. Dabur Industry was founded by S.K. Burman in 1884. The net income of Dabur Industry is Rs.12.77 billion with a total of 7,243 employees in the year 2016-17.



8. Godrej Beverages and Food LTD

Godrej group started its Food and beverages plant in 2007. The Godrej Beverages and Food manufactures the products like Fruit Drinks, Sofit Soymilk, Sofit Ready to eat cereals, Godrej Tea, Godrej Refined sunflower oil and many more. Revenue generated by Godrej Beverages and Foods LTD is Rs.11,000 crores.


9. Hindustan Uniliver LTD

Hindustan Uniliver is consumer product manufacturing company which manufactures various consumer products. It manufactures food products like tea, coffee, packaged food, ice-creams, purified water. Hindustan Uniliver collects a revenue of Rs. 61,000 Crores.


10. ITC Limited

ITC is India’s private company which also produces food products like snack foods, sptaple and confectionery and Sunfeast, Aashirvad, Bingo, Candyman etc. are the major food brands of ITC and this has a revenue collection of Rs.1,37,000.

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