Pulwama Terror Attack – 14 February 2019

A heart-breaking incident occurred in Kashmir on Thursday February 14,2019. An incident that killed more than 40 persons. The 2019 Pulwama Terror Attack. More than 2500 troops of CRPF were on their journey to return back on their duty after a holiday.

The convoy was travelling in a group of 78 vehicles. The main target of the suicide bomber was the bus which was carrying the troops. The convoy was attacked on the Srinagar-Jammu highway. This incident took place around 3:15PM. The blast was so powerful, no one can identify that it was a bus few minutes before. A suicide bomber was in a car with a huge number of explosives. The famous terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed is claiming the responsibility of the attack.

This terrorist attack is said to be one of the deadliest terrorist attacks is the history of Jammu and Kashmir. According to the sources the car was driven by one of the members of the Jaish-e-Mohammed. The name of the driver was Adil Ahmad. The suicide bomber is said to be the resident of Awantipora district. According to the sources this attack killed more than 40 CRPF personnel and injured many other. Some them are critically injured and under observation by doctors. The blast was powerful that the doctors are facing difficulties to keep count of the dead.


This is 10 terrorist attack faced by the India in last three years. And this one took more lives than any other attack. One of the officials said that the car was travelling on the wrong lane and collided with the bus head-on. The car was carrying around 300Kg of explosive. This blast took all the lives on-board. The bus was carrying around 39-44 CRPF personnel and was the 76th battalion of the CRPF force. Before the blast, bullets were also fired on the convoy. The convoy was carrying an enormous number of troops around. 2500 troops were travelling in the bus. The terrorists planned to take on the large number of the troops. They were successful to take on only one bus. According experts the whole convoy was the main target of the terrorists.


Indian Politics

We lost a big number of brave soldiers in this attack which is a heart-breaking situation for every India right. Honorable PM Narendra Modi spoke to Home Minister Rajnath Singh and other superior officials and declared that the sacrifices made by those Soldiers will not go worthless. These terrorist groups and those who gave them shelter will get a perfect answer for what they have done. India will not stay quite and will fight against these terrorists to justice to the Martyred Soldiers.


After the attack, news spread across the world and many political leaders and global leaders presented their condolences to the martyred.

Many different countries and coming in support of India. US national security adviser John Bolton spoke with Ajit Doval on Pulwama Attack incident. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also presented his condolences.

Indian Army

After this major terrorist attack in Pulwama. Army deployed its 9-security columns in Jammu along with the air-support. Army deployed its Internal Security Columns (ISCs) from the Tiger Division. ISCs are deployed in Gujjar Nagar, Janipur, Shahidi Chowk, Talab Khatika, and some other areas of Jammu. The ISCs are also supported by the White Knight Corps form air. The units are deployed because the residents of Jammu city started violence and torching vehicle in the city after the attack on the convoy. Jammu police and Indian Army are working to keep the situation in control. Along the ISCs army also deployed helicopters and utility armored vehicles.

India will definitely give an answer to this attack. I hope other Political leaders of different countries will help in getting justice.

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