Novorepnoye Is Yours: Ambush Level 999 – Advanced PUBG Tips and Tricks

Novorepnoye Ambush PUBG – Suppose there are too many squad landing in Novo other than yours squad then it becomes hard to take fight and survive amongst them. This blog along with a video on it will tell you, how your squad can be the last squad standing at Novo.

So actually what you have to do is, just ambush the place where the Darshiya is spawned. An ambush is an surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position. This can be done by capturing the houses around the Darshiya. For this you should be stealthy, have patience and have to wait for correct moment to charge on enemies.

When they come near the spawned Darshiya start firing on them together and don’t give them chance to do counter fire. Also make sure your teammates are not far from each other as a perfect teamwork is required for this.

This ambush if done as shown in video will give you all the insane loot found at novo with a bridge which would not be camped by anyone else and a great start for the rest of the match.

Here is a link to a video by our own channel “theChromeBullguy” for your reference. Please Like, Share and Subscribe and do comment!!

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