List Of Top 10 Best Famous TV Series/Shows on Netflix In January 2019

Top 10 Best Famous TV Series/Shows on Netflix In January 2019

1. Sacred Games

IMDb 8.9              18+

Sacred Games is an Indian Web TV series with an amazing rating by IMDb. This is a story of a police officer named by Sartaj Singh who receives an unidentified clue about the location of a criminal ruler Ganesh Gaitonde. Ganesh Gaitonde starts a chase with the Mumbai Police, which becomes a dangerous chase. During the chaos created by the chase, trimmings of a corrupt underworld gets revealed. Officer Sartaj Singh gets removed from the Gaitonde case and as he works to save Mumbai, Officer Sartaj Singh starts his own investigations. Some of the crimes committed by Ganesh Gaitonde through the years are revealed through flashback.

2. Narcos

IMDb 8.8              18+

Narcos is TV series based on the world’s most influential and powerful Drug Lords Colombia. The story is based on true incidents that occurred in Colombia in late 1980s. Narcos shows the difficulties faced by the Colombian Law enforcements and Drug Enforcement Agency to fight the war on drug against the dangerous and most powerful Drug Lord Pablo Gaviria Escobar. The efforts made to stop illegal cocaine manufacturing and trafficking into United States of America. As the investigation continues, many political, military, legal and civilian bodies were found to be involved.


3. 13 Reasons Why

IMDb 8.1              18+

13 Reasons Why is TV series which shows that a High School going Girl named Hannah take her own life and before that she records 13 different reasons due to which she committed suicide. After few weeks of her death, her classmate Clay Jenson finds a mysterious box of tape recording which were recorded by Hannah prior her death. Those recorded tapes had voice recorded by Hannah explaining 13 different reasons why she committed suicide. The heart turning and sophisticated story is narrated in both the voices of Hannah and Clay.



4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

IMDb 8.4              14+

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy TV series based on a team of detectives. A talented detective named Jake Peralta with his distinct but carefree team struggles when a new commanding officer Ray Holt is point to their sector.



5. Sherlock

IMDb 9.2              14+

Sherlock is a modern-day representation of detective stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is a private detective with extraordinary skills to find the culprit and also serves as a consultant to Scotland Yard and Advertises for a flat mate. In this story The War Veteran Dr. John Watson meets the magnificent but weird Sherlock Holmes. Some time after Dr. John Watson moves into Baker Street, he and Sherlock Holmes get entangled in mysteries and Sherlock Holmes’s arch rival John Moriarty shows up to commit crimes.



6. Breaking Bad

IMDb 9.5              17+

Braking Bad is a story of Walter White who is chemistry teacher finds out that he has lung cancer. Due to the big bills of cancer treatment he decides to get into business of making crystal meth to pay his medical debts. He changes up his priorities after he partners with Jesse who is crystal meth maker and seller.




7. House of Cards

IMDb 8.8              16+

House of cards is a story of Frank Underwood who is a democrat and appointed as the secretary of state. Frank Underwood along with his wife decides to go out on a chase to take revenge from the people who betrayed him along with successfully rising towards supremacy.




8. Vampire Dairies

IMDb 7.7              13+

Vampire diaries is a TV series based on Vampires. The plot of the TV series is that, a high school girl named Elena meets a guy named Stefan on the first day of her high school and feels a connection with Stefan. The fact that she doesn’t knows is that Stefan and his brother Damon are both Vampires.




9. Selection Day

IMDb 7.2              12+

Selection day is a story of two Indian Boys who lives in Mumbai and loves to play cricket and their discovery that the game is not that pure as they thought. Two brothers namely Radha and Manju who play brilliant cricket and are preparing for the selection day. Their father brings them to Mumbai to get them enrolled in a club so that it will become easier. Their problems continue when the money goes out and when their new coach teach them new tricks and tips. They found out new problems in their journey but the problem of money gets resolved anyhow.


10. Arrested Development

IMDb 8.9              15+

Arrested development is a story of level-headed son Michael Bluth who takes over the family affairs after the Arrest of his father. But the rest of the ruined, dysfunctional family are giving him a hard time to do his job.


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