List of Top 10 Best Famous Entrepreneurs of India of All Time

List of top 10 best  Famous Entrepreneurs of all time:-

1. Achyuta Samanta


Achyuta Samanta is the founder of the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology and Kalinga Institute of Social Science. Both the institutes provide free lodging, food, healthcare and education from 1st class to post graduation along with aptitude training. Another educational institute of Achyuta Samanta, the KIIT International School (KIS) which is an IB board school and the Kalinga Institute of Medical Science (KIMS) is a medical training institute.


2. Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra is the chairperson of the Mahindra Group which works in aerospace, aftermarket, automotive, agriculture business, components, equipment for construction, energy, equipment for farming, finance and insurance, equipment for Industries, IT, leisure, hospitality, real estate, retail and logistics. The net worth of Anand Mahindra 1.55 billion dollar.




3. Bhavish Aggarwal      

Bhavish Aggarwal is the co-founder of Ola Cabs and he along with Ankit Bhati, founded the Ola Cabs in January 2011 and in 2015 they became the youngest to get their names on the list of the Richest.




4. Binny Bansal

Binny Bansal is the co-founder of the famous e-commerce site known as the Flipkart. He and Sachin Bansal both founded the e-commerce platform Flipkart. In January 2017 Binny Bansal was promoted to group CEO and resigned in November 2018 due to a personal misbehavior claim.




5. Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor is a famous movie producer and soap opera producer. She produced films like Kyon Kii…Main Jhuth nahin bolta, Kuch to hai, Krishna cottage, Kya cool hai hum, and many. She also produced some long lasting and famous soap opera like Hum paanch, Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and many more.



6. GR Gopinath

GR Gopinath is a retired Captain of Indian Army and co-founder of the Deccan Aviation which is a charter helicopter service and also founded the Deccan 360 which is a freight flight business. Deccan 360 was forced to shut down due to some reasons. 2009 Gopinath failed as an independent candidate in the Lok Sabha elections and failed on the ticket of Aam Admi Party.




7. Jamnalal Bajaj      

Jamnalal Bajaj was an Independence fighter, an industrialist and a philanthropist and was the founder of the Bajaj group. Bajaj Group consists of 24 companies. Some educational institutes in India also uses his names like the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies and many more.



8. Karsanbhai Patel

Karsanbhai Patel is an industrialist who founded the Nirma group. The major part of the Nirma group is the manufacturing of Detergents, soaps and cosmetics. His name was listed in the Forbes with the net worth of 3.6 billion dollars. Karsanbhai Patel also founded the pharmacy college, engineering college and management college.




9. Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal is the chairperson and the CEO of ArcelorMittal which is the world’s largest steel manufacturing company and he ranked third in the list of Forbes richest person in the word in the year 2005. He has an estimate personal net worth 16 billion dollars.  He is also the 57th most powerful person out of 72 individuals named in the Forbes.



10. Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is a billion Indian businessman and the founder of mobile payment company known as Paytm. He is also the youngest billionaire in 2017 with a net worth of 2.1 billion dollars.

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