10 Best Tips Which You Can Follow To Avoid Sleep While Studying

Studying is not something which everyone enjoys. Many consider it to be a boring task as it is done without interest and it’s more like an obligation on them. We constantly hear people saying that they feel sleepy while they are studying. Especially during exams, when we have limited time and lot to study. Can we afford losing that time while sleeping unnecessarily? What can be done to avoid that?

Well this was what they did earlier:-

But you need not do the same. Here are a few things which you can do to avoid feeling sleepy:-

1. Proper Rest

Give your body and mind proper rest. Every one gets 24 hours in the whole day, and should give 6 hours to your body. If your body doesn’t get rest for 6 hours your body can give-up anytime. Your body will show the symptom which are given above. If your body does not get proper sleep, you will start getting sick and can easily cause body fatigue. And at the crucial time you don’t want to get sick and have body fatigue. Getting any of these can get you in big trouble. So, just get proper rest.  Also keep a consistent wake up time so that your biological clock is in sync with it.

2. Drink sufficient water

Drinking water while studying keeps your body hydrated. Drinking water also helps your brain to stay alert. If your body is well hydrated your brain will work more efficiently. Continuously drinking water will make you to go washroom is every half an hour or so. When you get up for going to washroom your brain and body gets rest for a minute or two which is very helpful. When your brain gets rest form all the studying for just few seconds, it is very much helpful to stay awake.

3. Well-lit room

Whenever you start studying late at night just be sure that the room in which you are studying is well lit. If your room is not well-lit your brain will think that it is the time to sleep and you will start feeling sleepy. And the time you start feeling sleepy you won’t be able to study and you will go to sleep. Insufficiently lit room will make you feel comfy. And the moment you start feeling comfy you will immediately go to sleep. Choose a place which does not give you dull or cozy feeling.

4. Don’t be comfortable

Whenever someone wants to study late at night, he/she should follow a simple rule. Do not sit in a comfortable position ever. Do not sit on the bed, sit only on a chair. Sit on a chair which has back support and table in front of you. When you sit straight, your body stays active and keeps you awake. Do not lie on a bed, if you lie on the bed you will start feeling comfortable and feeling comfortable will make you feel lazy and you will fell asleep.

5. Do not take heavy meal

Before sitting down to study at night just don’t take heavy meal. Whenever you take a heavy meal, your stomach and full and your process of digestion causes a temporary shortage of blood and nutrients of the brain. This results in feeling drowsy. Whenever you feel relaxed you are most likely to go to the bed. If you are feeling drowsy you cannot stay attentive and cannot keep your mind in studying. So, take a light meal few hours before studying. Do not starve, just take a small meal. If you don’t eat at all you will start feeling hungry at that time you won’t be able to concentrate in your studies.

6. Write while learning

Writing while learning is the best way to stay awake and remember things that you are studying. When just sit ideally and just read books, your whole body stays inactive for most of the time. The inactive body can make you feel lazy and you feel soon feel like going to bed. So, stay awake start writing what you are learning. In this way your body parts will be active and you are less likely to feel drowsy and sleepy during the long hours studying at night.

7. Speak Out loudly

Whenever you stay away late at night for studying another thing you can do to stay awake at night that you can speak out loudly. Whenever you speak out sentences loudly your brain continuously processes the sound and stays active. Once your brain stays active you feel stay awake.


8. Keep your Body Alert

While studying for long hours at night try to keep your body active and alert. When you sit in the same position for a long time your body parts go inactive and can make you feel sleepy. Whenever you feel sleepy get out of the chair, walk in the room or go to washroom, stretch your arms and legs. This will wake you up and you will start feeling active again. Do this activity whenever you start feeling sleepy.

9. Listening to music

Listening to music while studying can also help in staying awake. This thing works in the same way, the reading loudly works. The but according to Me it only works while doing mathematics. It does not work while studying any other subject. You cannot concentrate while studying subjects like physics or chemistry. So, I recommend you to stick with the above tips. If you are comfortable with this tip you can go with it.

10. Make various subject combinations

Like study any theory subject in the morning when you are fresh and study the practical subjects or solve math problems in the afternoon as it requires more attention and you won’t feel sleepy. Don’t make studying a monotonous process.

Avoid any distractions if there. Motivate yourself Remind yourselves of the target you want to achieve. And on completing that Reward yourselves! Friends, all I want you to understand is that be mentally and physically attentive. Stay healthy and fit. Be confident. Tell yourself that you have to and will achieve the set target. So I hope these tips prove helpful to you. You may choose the one which best suits you. So we wish you good luck and Happy studying!!

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